RUGBII Middle East

RUGBI National Election - Update March 28, 2010

The election for National Officials of RUGBI was finally held March 28, 2010 with the following officers:

Founding Chairman : Manuel "CNFGBF Diablo" R. Millarez

National Chairman   : Fernando "NFRMG Foxtrot 57" B. Caguinguin

National President   : Graciano "NFRMG Panther" C. Carreon

National VP-Admin   : Narciso "NFRMG Malaya" S. De Leon

National VP-Oprns   : Aries "NFRMG Harris: J. Pajarillaga

National Secretary   : Jude "NFRMG Brix" P. Arcelo

National Treasurer  : Mario "NFRMG Bobos" I. Gutib

National Auditor       : Joel "NFRMG Owel" Umpad

National PRO             : Reynaldo "NFRMG Calagan" Mandaquio

                                   : NFRMG Alamid

                                   : Ruperto "NFRMG Ping" Santos

National Founders Committee President : Marvin "NFRMG Begote" Vargas

Ethics & Grievance Committee Chairman: Jose "NFGBF Tigre" T. Barbosa,Jr.

Members : Rodel "NFRMG Del" Guevarra

                  Cristobal "NFRMG Tubal" C. Villaluz

                  Ike "NFRMG Zeus" M. Garcia

                  Leonardo "NFRMG Jogger" Santos

                  Ferdinand "NFRMG F1" S. Dimatulac

NCR President : Randelito "NFRMG RJ" B. Maboles

Official Lecturers:

                 Ruperto "NFRMG Ping" Santos

                 Jose "NFRMG Japet" C. Barrios

                 Ferdinand "NFRMG Alamid" Bidis, Sr.

                 Ramil "NFRMG Aguila" Suscano

                 Joel "NFRMG Owel" Ompad

                 Alex "NFGBF Malex" S. Lapinig

Official Markers:

                 Edwin "NFGBF Eagle" S. Panes

                 Eutiquio "NFGMF Kits" Casalo, Jr.

                 Radelito "NFRMG RJ" Maboles

                 Jose "NFRMG Jack" Dela Cruz

Board of Directors

                 Susan "NFRMG Delta" R. Millarez

                 Eutiquio "NFGMF Kits" Casalo, Jr.

                 Alexander "NF Alva" Valiente

                 Mauro "NFRMG Soc" P. Gimena, Jr.

News from RUGBI Qatar

Upon the recommendation of FRMG Stallion of Defender and FRMG RML of Diamond Stone, following are promoted to Founder: Effectivity will be upon receipt of the Official Paper from National HQ of RUGBI in the Philippines.

NEW FOUNDERS (June 2010)

Danilo "FRMG Dani" Evangelista, was promoted to lead Knight of Defender Chapter

Cesar "FRMG Ces" Satorre, Jr., was promoted to head King of Defender Chapter

Romarico "FRMG Lawin" Mercado, was promoted to head Sword of Defender Chapter

Changing of Chapter name (July 2010):

Diamond Stone of FRMG RML will now carry the name of RUGBI Stone chapter 

Juan Briz Taduran "FRMG Habagat" was promoted to replaced FMRG Maliksi who moved to GSSI

       FRMG Habagat will be the new Chapter Founder of AMEGA Chapter

Alfredo Garcia, Jr. "FGAF Scorpio" will be handling the soon to established chapter of Defender, Knights of Defender

      FGAF Scorpio was formerly the adviser of FRMG Stallion at Defender Chapter, to attend to the increasing

      number of members at Defender, new chapters will be formed.

Nestor Manalo "FRMG Labuyo" will be handling the soon the established chapter of Defender, Sword of Defender

     FRMG Labuyo was formerly the adviser of FRMG Stallion at Defender Chapter, to attend to the incrasing number

     of members at Defender, new chapters will be formed.


Arnold Ramos "FBRF Alamat" will remain as Founder / Adviser of Defender Chapter to assist FRMG Stallion in running the affairs of Defender Chapter.  FBRF Alamat will be handling the soon to established chapter of Defender, King of Defender. 

NEW FOUNDERS from DIAMOND Chapters - Qatar (as of June/July 2009)

Founder Drems, Diamond Qatar

Founder Lobs, Diamond Sapphire

Founder Tolits, Diamond SDVC

List of Active RUGBI Chapters May 2009

1. ADB - Buffalo of Founder Allen, Philippines

2. ADB - Aguila of NFRMG Harris, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

3. ADB - Cobra of Founder Malaya, Philippines

4. ADB - Dragon of Founder FDOC, Philippines

5. ADB - Pulilan of Founder Joe, Philippines

6. Baliwag Chapter of Founder Bigbird, Philippines

7. Black Panther of NFGMF Kits, Philippines

8. Cuadra Ace of Founder Cyriks, Philippines

9. Diamond Batangas of Founder Tags/Nike, Philippines

10. Diamond Caloocan of Founder Calagan, Baesa, Caloocan, Philippines

11. Diamond Calumpang of Founder Ganting, Philippines

12. Diamond Calumpit of Founder Jer, Philippines

13. Diamond Delta of Founder Del, Philippines

14. Diamond Hagonoy of Founder Apo, Philippines

15. Diamond Lemery of Founder Leon, Lemery, Batangas, Philippines

16. Diamond Muzon of Founder Moy, SJDM, Bulacan, Philippines

17. Dragon Alpha of Founder Sec, Philippines

18. Fantasy Ambo Cong of Founder Ace, Philippines

19. Fantasy Banadero of Founder Rolly, Philippines

20. Fantasy Fine of Founder Mel, Philippines

21. Friends Forever 1&2 of Founder Leo, Philippines

22. Ibarra of Founder Gemini, Philippines

23. Limbas at Agila of Founder LT, Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines

24. Lionheart Pasay of Founder Eagle, Philippines

25. Lionheart Sorrento of Founder Tigre, Philippines

26. Lionheart Taguig of Founder Eagle Eye, Philippines

27. Lionheart Bacoor of Founder Begote, Philippines

28. Lionheart Gen. Trias of Founder Rad, Philippines

29. Lionheart LP of Founder F1, Philippines

30. Lionheart Market 1 of Founder Alamid, Philippines

31. Lionheart Market 2 of Founder JR, Philippines

32. Lionheart Panapaan of Founder Jer, Philippines

33. Lionheart Tanza of Founder Japet, Philippines

34. Lionheart Zapote 1 of Founder Allan, Philippines

35. Lionheart Bacoor of Founder Roxas, Philippines

36. Lovebird 2 Bignay of Founder Tata, Bignay, Valenzuela City, Philippines

37. Lovebird Novaliches of Founder Mac, Novaliches, QC, Philippines

38. Moon Light of Founder Zoren, Philippines

39. Special Action Unit of Founder Brix/RG, Mapulang Lupa, Valenzuela City, Philippines

40. Star Jack of Founder Joper, Philippines

41. Zolar of Founder Bravo/Love, Philippines

42. Amega of Founder Habagat, Lusail, Qatar (FRMG Habagat replaced FRMG Maliksi)

43. Defender of Founder Stallion, St. 41, Industrial Area, Qatar

44. Diamond Stone of Founder RML, Ain Khalid, Qatar

45. Diamond Qatar of Founder Drems, Industrial Area

46. Diamond Sapphire of Founder Lobs, Industrial Area

47. Diamond SDVC of Founder Tolits, Industrial Area

All of the above had submitted their official Masterlist, List of Officers and paid their Monthly Dues.  Chapters not in the list are either inactive for several months, no Official Masterlist or not paid their Monthly Dues.