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News, News, News: 4 December 2010

 RUGBII Knight of Defender had elected RMG Hamster as the new president

replacing RMG Jojo whs now in the Philippines, effective Nov. 2010. 

Congratulations at Mabuhay ang bagong pamunuan ng Knight of Defender. 


News, News, News: Nov. 26, 2010

RMG Pacman of RUGBII-Amega was elected RUGBII Qatar Council President.  We enjoined all chapters to coordinate with the council for any programs & activities for support.

NEWS - NEWS - NEWS     10/10/2010 













                                                 FRMG STALLION

                                             OVER-ALL FOUNDER

                                                      FRMG JOVI


                                                    FRMG BAULA

                                             Defender Qatar Marker


     Knight              King                  Spear              Sword            Mathar Kadeem


RUGBI International Chapter in Qatar was recently accredited at the

 Philippine Embassy in Qatar as one of the legitimate Filipino

 Community Organization in Qatar.  March 2009.

News, News, News

Updated Area President of RUGBI Defender Group:

Knight of Defender (St. 1-33) RMG Hamster

Knight of Defender (St. 34-52) RMG Topher

Defender (St. 46) MG Dhel (August 2010)

Spear of Defender (Wakrah) RMG Optimus (Aug. 2010)

King of Defender (Rayyan/Doha) FRMG Jovi

News, News, News

RMG Jovi was promoted to FRMG Jovi effective July 2010.  Congratulations!


Updated List of RUGBI Qatar Members : Defender Chapter is presently divided into four (Knight of Defender, Sword of Defender, Shield of Defender and Spear of Defender - as of 24/06/2011).  Those members in the Philippines, means they left Qatar for good.

001#0001 Manuel "FRMG Stallion" Camato, Chapter Founder (Defender)

001#0002 Alfredo "FGAF Scorpio" Garcia, Jr., Chapter Founder, Adviser, Master Initiator (Defender) (Phils)

001#0003 Ursus "RMG Cali" Sales, Vice-President (Defender)

001#0004 Allan "RMG Taxs" Sales, President (Defender)

001#0005 Dominador "RMG Jacll" Llanita, Jr., Secretary (Defender)

001#0006 Felimon "MG Jazel" Tabol (Defender)

001#0007 Danilo "MG Spike" Ligsay (Defender) - in the Philippines

001#0008 Bernardo "MG Billy" Cavero (Defender) - in the Philippines

001#0009 Roland "RMG Land" Caacbay, Treasurer (Defender)

001#0010 Aaron "MG Layzie" Umali (Defender)

001#0011 Ronnie "MG Phox" San Pascual (Defender)

001#0012 Julian "MG Juvin" Soque (Defender)

001#0013 Jorge "MG NJ-2" Fernandez (Defender)

001#0014 Juvan "MG Vangar" Garcia (Defender)

001#0015 Nestor "MG Nera" Ragudo (Defender)

001#0016 Ronald "MG Yong" Sergio (Defender) in the Philippines

001#0017 Rudhel "RMG Dhel" Andalis (Defender)

001#0018 Nestor "FRMG Labuyo" Manalo, Chapter Founder, Adviser (Defender) in the Phils.

001#0019 Dominador "RMG Aguila" Rosales, Jr. Secretary (Sword of Defender)

001#0020 Arnold "RMG Noy" Valencia (Sword of Defender)

001#0021 Noel "RMG Jayden" De Dios (Sword of Defender)

001#0022 Ronaldo "RMG Lagalag" Orenday (Sword of Defender)

001#0023 Danilo "FRMG Dani" Evangelista, Official Marker (Defender) in the Phils.

001#0024 Larry "MG Ilac" Saculsan (Sword of Defender)

001#0025 Rolando "RMG Dolandz" Capili (Defender) - in the Philippines

001#0026 Allan "MG Lansky" Lopez (Knight of Defender)

001#0027 Rodel "RMG Rodcharz" Margate (Knight of Defender)

001#0028 Romarico "FRMG Lawin" Mercado, Screening Committe, Founder (Sword of Defender)

001#0029 Dante "MG Uloy" Lontok (Sword of Defender)

001#0030 Jear "MG Aga" Monasterial (Defender)

001#0031 Johnny "MG Johri" Luna (Defender) inthe Philippines

001#0032 Carlos John "RMG Kid Rock" Racuya, Treasurer (Defender) - in the Philippines

001#0033 Bryan Paul "MG Tisoy" Cristobal (Sword of Defender)

001#0034 Raul "MG Moonie" Langamin (Defender) in the Philippines

001#0035 Johanes "MG Jenova" Rivera (Defender)

001#0036 Carlos "MG Jhonx" Oracion (Defender) - in the Philippines

001#0037 Jonathan "MG Than" de Leon (Sword of Defender)

001#0038 Ronaldo "MG Rony" Herico (Defender)

001#0039 Martin "MG Lyre" Lorilla (Defender)

001#0040 Benito "RMG Benjie" Villocero (Knight of Defender)

001#0041 Michael "MG Mike" Magadia (Knight of Defender)

001#0042 Ariel "MG Rails" Cabigquez (Knight of Defender)

001#0043 Joffrey "MG Jojo" Dancil (Knight of Defender)

001#0044 John Christopher "MG Tata" Carbelledo (Sword of Defender)

001#0045 Giovanni "RMG Doods" Villaner (Knight of Defender)

001#0046 Christopher "RMG Tink" Abad, Screening Committee, Master Initiator (Defender) - in PI

001#0047 Caroline "LG Love" Alawis (Defender) - in the Philippines

001#0048 Carlos Suarez "MG Caloy" Acob (Knight of Defender)

001#0049 Frolan Montalbo "MG Polan" Lontoc (Knight of Defender)

001#0050 Arnel F. "MG Panoy" Pormento (Knight of Defender)

001#0051 Felixberto Balmocena "MG X-File" Mamangun (Sword of Defender)

001#0052 Lennon "MG Pete" Lagera (Knight of Defender)

001#0053 Louie "MG Spider" Martinez (Defender)

001#0054 Arnold "MG Tribs" Chavez, Jr. (Defender)

001#0055 Arnold "FBRF Alamat" Ramos (Defender) - in the Philippines

001#0056 Reynante "MG Sphere" Ombac (Defender)

001#0057 Orland "MG Sadam" Barrientos (Sword of Defender)

001#0058 Marvin "MG Marvin" Velasquez (Sword of Defender)

001#0059 Ernesto "MG Ernie" Frias (Sword of Defender)

001#0060 Marlon "MG Lhon" Carpio (Sword of Defender)

001#0061 Felicito "MG Jhay" De Jesus, Jr. (Sword of Defender)

001#0062 Lowen "MG Whin" Artigas (Knight of Defender)

001#0063 Jonathan "MG Than" Buenafrancisca (Knight of Defender)

001#0064 Antonio "MG Lion 451" Latigar (Knight of Defender)

001#0065 Normandy "RMG Norneth" de Loyola (Defender) Official Marker - in the Philippines

001#0066 Juilo "MG J.Paul" Guevarra (Sword of Defender)

001#0067 Cesar Sales "FRMG Ces" Satorre, Jr. Chapter Founder (King of Defender)

001#0068 Rommel "RMG Mel" Serrano (King of Defender)

001#0069 Joel "RMG Musang" Sahagun (King of Defender)

001#0070 Geruhbeni "MG Jabber" del Mundo (Sword of Defender)

001#0071 Ramilo "MG Mhel" Velasquez (Sword of Defender)

001#0072 Marlon "MG Lhon" Caparas (Sword of Defender)

001#0073 Rodel "MG Duwe" Gonzaga (Sword of Defender)

001#0074 Junie "RMG Hamster" Alarte (Sword of Defender)

001#0075 Ador Gabriel "FRMG Ador" Rapiz (Spear of Defender)

001#0076 Teodocio Bangao "MG Ted" Peralta (Sword of Defender)

001#0077 Rogelio Timario "MG Roger" Simo (Sword of Defender)

001#0078 Arnel Ygot "RMG Nhels" Escoreal (Spear of Defender)

001#0079 Jese S. "RMG JE" Lago (Sword of Defender)

001#0080 Harold Vynn "MG Love2" (Sword of Defender)

001#0081 Luisito Rula "MG Buknoy" Reyes (Sword of Defender)

001#0082 Giovannie Cal "MG Batang X" Abella (Sword of Defender)

001#0083 Pablo C. "MG Pabs" Ducay (Sword of Defender)

001#0084 Louie Rey "MG Saduh" Del Mundo (Sword of Defender)

001#0085 Willy Jose "MG Q8wly" Dagoc (Spear of Defender)

001#0086 Bernard "RMG Shock" Guevarra (Spear of Defender)

001#0087 Edison Claveria "FRMG Edmer" Ramirez (Spear of Defender)

001#0088 Wilfred "MG Wil" Palad (Spear of Defender)

001#0089 Zhordex "MG Emil" Carino (Defender) - in the Philippines

001#0090 Dennis "RMG Dhon-Dhon" Bascon (Knight of Defender)

001#0091 Reynold "MG Toto" Aller (Spear of Defender)

001#0092 Manuel "MG Jun" Bernardo (Knight of Defender)

001#0093 Lamberto "MG Ohbet" Aguilar (Defender)

001#0094 Emilio "MG Emil" Carew (Defender)

001#0095 Bienvenido "RMG Bing" Llobrera, Jr. (Knight of Defender)

001#0096 Julius "RMG Jul's" Palijado (Knight of Defender)

001#0097 Ace"RMG Jaguar" Quiambao (Knight of Defender)

001#0098 Rolando "MG Jun" Marcaida, Jr. (Knight of Defender)

001#0099 Domenic "MG Uragon" Estefani (Knight of Defender)

001#0100 Jason "MG Jason" Garbo (Knight of Defender)

001#0101 Rommel "RMG Melrimo" Rimorin (Knight of Defender)

001#0102 Alex "MG Negro" Villa (Knight of Defender)

001#0103 Mario "RMG Tiger" Rizalde (Knight of Defender)

001#0104 Joven "RMG AJ" Lagunoy (Knight of Defender)

001#0105 Ruel "RMG Aguimat" C. Evasan (Knight of Defender)

001#0106 Randy "MG Rhandy" I. Paro (Spear of Defender)

001#0107 Edwin "MG Edwin" Balao (Knight of Defender)

001#0108 Edgardo "RMG Scorpion" B. Reyes (Spear of Defender)

001#0109 Jefferson "MG Jane" Rongcal (Defender)

001#0110 Jose "MG Joey" Carretas (Sword of Defender)

001#0111 Edmond Nora "MG Mhon" Tagana (Spear of Defender)

001#0112 Arnel "MG Dodong" Bebanco (Sword of Defender)

001#0113 Rolando "MG Dotie" P. Tabaquin (Sword of Defender) 

001#0114 Jerico Carlo "MG Jerico" Sunga (Sword of Defender)

001#0115 Jeffrey Joson "MG Jeff" Rivera (Sword of Defender)

001#0116 Bartolome "MG Bart" Delit, Jr. (Sword of Defender)

001#0117 Sidney James "MG Coy's" Espina (Sword of Defender)

001#0118 Bernardo "MG Enard" Bianzon (King of Defender)

001#0119 Christian "RMG Chris" Enriquez (King of Defender)

001#0120 Romulo "MG Mulo" Hawak (King of Defender)

001#0121 Arturo "MG Art" Pingol, Jr. (King of Defender)

001#0122 Romulo "MG Molly" Villaverde (King of Defender)

001#0123 Edgardo "MG Jacky" Zaragosa (Spear of Defender)

001#0124 Diosdado "MG Jords" Tribunalo (Spear of Defender)

001#0125 Dionisio "MG Zymo" Basister (Spear of Defender)

001#0126 Rodrigo "MG Digoy" Paular (Spear of Defender)

001#0127 Daniel "MG Toto" Pajarito (Spear of Defender)

001#0128 Louie Jun "MG Castro" Castro (Spear of Defender)

001#0129 Reynaldo Nono "MG Eric" Villaganes (Spear of Defender) 

001#0130 Noli "FRMG Jovi" Makincon (Spear of Defender)

001#0131 Ronnel "MG Superman" Santos (King of Defender)

001#0132 Avelino T. "MG Purok" Pedrano (Spear of Defender)

001#0133 Edwrad "MG Edh" Balderama (Spear of Defender)

001#0134 Dominguito "MG Shadow" Martos (Spear of Defender)

001#0135 Crispin "MG Cris" de Leon (Spear of Defender)

001#0136 Desiderio "MG Spike" Magracia, Jr. (Spear of Defender)

001#0137 Glendel "MG Masheg" Banta (Spear of Defender)

001#0138 Noe M. MG Dragon" Reyes (Spear of Defender)

001#0139 Alden M. "MG Bravo" Magracia (Spear of Defender)

001#0140 Rodel "MG Rodel" Balmaceda (Spear of Defender)

001#0141 Luis "MG Arbe" Reyes (Spear of Defender)

001#0142 Ramil "RMG Anghel" Marquises (Spear of Defender)

001#0143 Ricky "MG Ricky" Logronio (Spear of Defender)

001#0144 Alan R. "MG Bong" Gan (Spear of Defender)

001#0145 Rando "MG Lei" Valladolid (Spear of Defender)

001#0146 Nelson "MG Totoy" Dimaandal (Spear of Defender)

001#0147 Tomas "MG Leon" Daang (Spear of Defender)

001#0148 Gilberto "MG Bert" Agron (Spear of Defender)

001#0149 Edwin "MG Jied" Valdez (Spear of Defender)

001#0150 Felix "MG Lexc" Carpio (Spear of Defender)

001#0151 Jessie "MG Azkal" Zamora (Spear of Defender)

001#0152 Ric P. "MG Jazric" Pillarda (Spear of Defender)

001#0153 Genemar "MG Qatare" Monzaga (Spear of Defender)

001#0154 Arizaldy P. "MG Ariz" Pascua (Spear of Defender)

001#0155 Joel R. "RMG Optimus" Dio (Spear of Defender)

001#0156 Moises C. "MG Eseng" Villanueva (Spear of Defender)

001#0157 Sandy F. "FRMG Baula" Baula (Spear of Defender)

001#0158 Carmel G. "MG Sawa" Pueblos" (Spear of Defender)

001#0159 Vitto Jun "MG Libra" Sapungan (Spear of Defender)

001#0160 Christopher "RMG Topher" Ordinario (King of Defender)

001#0161 Abundio "MG Larry" de Chavez (King of Defender)

001#0162 Ferdinand "MG Ferdie" Felicia (King of Defender)

001#0163 Rhene "MG Boo" P. Arcega (King of Defender)

001#0164 Junid "MG Junie" Barbosa (King of Defender)

001#0165 Ernesto V. "RMG Choi" Villamor (King of Defender) in the Philippines

001#0166 Rolando B. "MG Jokim" Alzate (King of Defender)

001#0167 Jedwin "MG Jojo" C. Arais (King of Defender)

001#0168 Hector "MG Gemini" Rivera (Spear of Defender)

001#0169 Hector "MG Jheck" Ellaga (Spear of Defender)

001#0170 Jamil "MG Scorpio 1103" Aldea (Spear of Defender)

001#0171 Atilano "MG Cobra" Realco (Spear of Defender)

001#0172 Roderick "MG Rick" Listangco (Spear of Defender)

001#0173 Allan Mariano "MG Leo" Pates (Spear of Defender)

001#0174 Zaldy "MG Bryan" Fernandez (Spear of Defender)

001#0175 Joel "MG Jel" Damian (Spear of Defender)

001#0176 Alan "MG Alan" Bucat (Spear of Defender)

001#0177 Rico "MG Rico" Oponda (Spear of Defender)

001#0178 Arnolfo "MG Arnold" Arquero (Spear of Defender)

001#0179 Noli "MG Noli" Bucat (Spear of Defender)

001#0180 Sherwin "MG Wheng" Locre (King of Defender)

001#0181 Enrique"MG King" Tubig (King of Defender)

001#0182 Eduardo "GBF Willy 01" Fang (Knight of Defender)

001#0183 Genley "MG Gen" Malagueno (King of Defender

001#0184 Bakar Ali "MG Bakar" Kasan (King of Defender)

001#0185 Dante "MG Dave" Borja (King of Defender)

001#0186 Roland "MG Lucy" Gacuntas (Knight of Defender)

001#0187 Roberto "MG Robert" Gracela (Knight of Defender)

001#0188 Juli "MG July" Madriaga (Knight of Defender)

001#0189 Martie "MG Matt" Maturan (Knight of Defender)

001#0190 Richard "MG Thad" Benitez (Knight of Defender)

001#0191 Aldrin "MG Aldrin" Follero (Knight of Defender)

001#0192 Joel "MG Joel" Hernandez (Knight of Defender)

001#0193 Rhamie "MG Ramla" Laroza (Knight of Defender)

001#0194 Ericson "MG Eric" De Suyo (Knight of Defender)

001#0195 Crizaldy "MG Zebra" Farinas (Knight of Defender)

001#0196 Eduardo "MG Mon" Boliver (Knight of Defender)

001#0197 Nicomedes "MG Nicko" Ruedas (Kinght of Defender)

001#0198 Domingo "MH Hael" Hael (Knight of Defender)

001#0199 Apollo "MG Phol" Apuya (Knight of Defender)

001#0200 Eligio G. "MG Cheo" De Los Reyes (Knight of Defender)

001#0201 John Bryan "MG Bryan" Lapiz (Knight of Defender)

001#0202 Rey "MG Camandag" De La Cruz (Spear of Defender)

001#0203 Gregorio "MG Greg" Sesio (Spear of Defender)

001#0204 Virgel "MG Bhong" Gleponio (Spear of Defender)

001#0205 Juan B. "MG Nonoy" Cupan (Spear of Defender)

001#0206 Rodelio P. "MG Rodskie" Dagdag (Spear of Defender)

001#0207 Jonathan "MG Bloom" Dulce (Spear of Defender)

001#0208 Arnel N. "MG Kambal" Paz (Spear of Defender)

001#0209 Marlon G. "MG Sadiq2010" Abenoja (Spear of Defender)

001#0210 Ermilo A. "MG Melong: Jobo (Spear of Defender)

001#0211 Val D. "MG Val" Esconde (Spear of Defender)

001#0212 Reynaldo "MG Mac" Fuentes (spear of Defender)

001#0213 Bienvenido "MG Ber" Galang (Spear of Defender)

001#0214 Wilson "MG Cancer" Dumulag (Spear of Defender)

001#0215 Arnel "MG Nel" Garcia (Spear of Defender)

001#0216 Ijhay "MG Pastor" Pastor (Spear of Defender)

001#0217 Arjhie "MG Arjie" Mutas (Spear of Defender)

001#0218 Antonio "MG Ton" Oral (Spear of Defender)

001#0219 Zaldy B. "MG Zal" Hulguin (Spear of Defender)

001#0220 Noel G. "MG Noah" Pia (Spear of Defender)

001#0221 Gilbert "MG Bert" Bonode (Spear of Defender)

001#0222 June M. "RMG Gemini 610" Cachero (Spear of Defender)

001#0223 Domingo C. "MG Gringo" Escario (Spear of Defender)

001#0224 Saldy "MG Paks" Ibero (Spear of Defender)

001#0225 Regino Sta. Maria "MG Lana"  (Spear of Defender)

001#0226 Arnido "MG Dongskie" Pastor (Knight of Defender)

001#0227 Virgilio "MG V-J" Castillo (Knight of Defender)

001#0228 Robert S. "MG Robert" Gonzaga (Knight of Defender)

001#0229 Roderic "MG Rick" Tabilisma (Knight of Defender)

001#0230 Nilo A. "MG Lion 894" Belardo (Knight of Defender)

001#0231 Ronnie "MG Tatkie" Palabrica (Knight of Defender)

001#0232 Ruel V. "RMG Rakaj" Roldan (King of Defender)  

001#0233 Arnold Canaria "MG Boyeth" (Spear of Defender)

001#0234 Recente Dela Cruz "MG Aklay" (Spear of Defender)

001#0235 Noli A. Borabon, Jr. "MG RJ" (Spear Defender)

001#0236 Reymond "MG Serg's" Sergio (Defender)

001#0237 Al Walid "MG Bunso" Mursalun (Defender)

001#0238 Nighel "MG Nyd'z" Carew (Defender)

001#0239 Nino "MF Nin'z" Celian (Defender)

001#0240 Lito "MG Lith" Liwanag (Defender)

001#0241 Ricardo "MG Uno" Pacala (Spear of Defender)

001#0242 Renato "MG Rogen" Laroca (Spear of Defender)

001#0243 Johnny "MG Jolar" Aquino (Spear of Defender)

001#0244 Romy "MG Romy" Montemayor (Spear of Defender)

001#0245 Derwis "RMG Darwis" Ramirez (Spear of Defender)

001#0246 Christopher "MG Topher" Jabines (Spear of Defender)

001#0247 Ponciano "MG Ponching" Nakpil (Spear of Defender)

001#0248 Roderick "MG Rick" Montes (Spear of Defender)

001#0249 Ludovico "MG Slasher" Voloso (Spear of Defender)

001#0250 Ryan "MG Rye" Jareno (Spear of Defender)

001#0251 Mike Leonel "MG Falcon" Rayos (Spear of Defender) 

001#0252 Richard "MG Rockman" Ciscar (Spear of Defender)

001#0253 Eduardo "MG Rain" Tomagos (Spear of Defender)

001#0254 Ronaldo T. "MG Spree" Gonzales (Spear of Defender)

001#0255 Ronaldo E. "MG Doditz" Colonia (Spear of Defender)

001#0256 Juan "MG Cancer" Munoz (Spear of Defender)

001#0257 William "MG Whills" Jovito (Spear of Defender)

001#0258 Roderick De Ocampo (Spear of Defender)

001#0259 Ronaldo "MG RM" Mallari (Spear of Defender)

001#0260 Gilbert "MG 260" Dimaandal (Spear of Defender)

001#0261 Ronald "MG Survivor" Alcuban (Spear of Defender)

001#0262 Rodelio "MG Rodel" Oesmar (Spear of Defender)

001#0263 Norman "MG Nolyn" Tacastacas (Spear of Defender)

001#0264 Angelita "MG Shaq" Samadan (Spear of Defender)

001#0265 Monlour "MH Jumong" Susi (Spear of Defender)

001#0266 Reed Chris "MG Reed" Andrada (Spear of Defender)

001#0267 Erick "MG Rick" Laboga (Spear of Defender)

001#0268 Manny "MG Rejhon" Soriano (Spear of Defender)

001#0269 Mario M. Ponce, Jr. "MG Jems" (Spear of Defender) 

001#0270 Jimbo B. "MG Polaris" Paz (Spear of Defender)

001#0271 Alejandro "MG Brandyn" Abecia (Spear of Defender)

001#0272 Edgar G. "MG Ed" Sanchez (Spear of Defender)

001#0273 Dominador "MG Brave" Zambrano (Spear of Defender)

001#0274 Dexter Pajarin Cruz "MG Eagle" (Sword of Defender)

001#0275 Conrad Esteban "MG Balweg" (Sword of Defender)

001#0276 Rufino Malarayap "MG Fino" (Knight of Defender)

001#0277 Ranilito Cleofe "MG Ranie" (Knight of Defender)

001#0278 Bernie Beltran "MG Bern" (Knight of Defender)

001#0279 Vince Lobetos "MG Henvin" (Spear of Defender)

001#0280 Romy De Castro Salva "MG Angel" (Spear of Defender)

001#0281 Sonny Lina "MG Anson"  (Spear of Defender)

001#0282 Teodoro G. Paberecio "MG Tiger 95" (Spear of Defender)

001#0283 Jackson H. Unciano "MG Samuray" (Spear of Defender)

001#0284 Eduardo R. Macapayag "MG Narssan" (Spear of Defender)

001#0285 Rodel L. Matre "MG Roma" (Spear of Defender)

001#0286 Jefferson M. Magahis "MG Rio" (Spear of Defender)

001#0287 Ronito Bejarin "FGBF Roan" (Knight of Defender)

001#0288 Reynaldo Musa "RMG K.R." (Shield of Defender)

001#0289 Louie F. Bordon "MG Fred" Shield of Defender)

001#0290 Frederick Maravilla "MG Lhourd" (Shield of Defender)

001#0291 Angelo S. Umali "MG Oric" (Defender)

001#0292 Eduardo Tuibuen "MG Eds" (Defender)

001#0293 Gilberto M. Capili "MG Bong" (Defender)

001#0294 Francis Derrick Pascua "MG Rick" (Knight of Defender) 

001#0295 Redemptor A. Constantino "MG Red" (Knight of Defender)

001#0296 Ian L. Maningo "MG Ian" (Knight of Defender)

001#0297 Ireneo A. Arnobit "MG Lhita" (Knight of Defender)

001#0298 Isagani D. Dimaano "MG Ganny" (Knight of Defender)

001#0299 Juanito Gadiano "MG Wagay" (Knight of Defender)

001#0300 Ricky M. Galvan "MG Ricky" (Knight of Defender)

001#0301 Nino M. Bernal "MG Lanreb" (Knight of Defender)

001#0302 Jessie M. Quiambao "MG Andy" (Knight of Defender)

001#0303 Redentor Libre "MG A.K. Tamaki" (Knight of Defender)

001#0304 Oliver Alaban "MG Ver" (Knight of Defender)

001#0305 Mark Sabela "MG Aries" (Knight of Defender)

001#0306 Darwin Clark A. Zalsos "MG Clarkwin" (Knight of Defender)

001#0307 Rex Bermudo "MG Donex" (Knight of Defender)

001#0308 Richard Bacala "MG Rich" (Knight of Defender)

001#0309 Remegio Rosales "MG Romros" (Knight of Defender)

001#0310 Edwin Balanday "MG Edzkie" (Knight of Defender)

001#0311 Jeffrey Victorillo "MG Haider" (Knight of Defender)

001#0312 Mario Noble "MG Mhar" (Knight of Defender)

001#0313 Alexander Zaide "MG Motik" (Knight of Defender)

001#0314 Hanzel Limpio "MG Hanz 007" (Knight of Defender)

001#0315 Francis A. Galdo "MG Gals" (Knight of Defender)

001#0316 Crisanto Glodovisa "MG Santie" (Knight of Defender)

001#0317 Ryan Agraviador "MG Agravs" (Knight of Defender)

001#0318 Winston B. Pusob "MG Whyatt" (Knight of Defender)

001#0319 Patricio F. Bado, Jr. "MG Al Jun" (Knight of Defender)

001#0320 Felix A. Branzuela "MG Titing" (Knight of Defender)

001#0321 Joseph L. Rule, Jr. "MG Ujen" (Knight of Defender)

001#0322 Robert Escarez "MG Obeht" (Knight of Defender)

001#0323 Arnel D. Alcantara "MG Alas" (Knight of Defender)

001#0324 Inocencio G. Bartolare "MG Jun" (Knight of Defender)

001#0325 Bienvenido P. Amandy "MG Bien" Knight of Defender)

001#0326 Leonilyto Agan Timosa "MG Vandam" (Knight of Defender)

001#0327 Melven S. Pongon "MG Juvy" (Knight of Defender)

001#0328 Marwin H. Postrano "MG Marz" (Knight of Defender)

001#0329 Harry Ramirez Baclayon "MG Harbs" (Knight of Defender)

001#0330 Jundel Aquino "MG Jun Claven" (Knight of Defender)

001#0331 Randy Q. Gereno "MG Randster" (Knight of Defender)

001#0332 Rudel Galban "MG Del" (Knight of Defender)

001#0333 Ben D. Agas "MG Ben" (Knight of Defender)

001#0334 Neil C. Sobrevega "RMG Neil" (Knight of Defender)

001#0335 Ricardo G. Esteban "MG Aries" (Knight of Defender)

001#0336 Jonathan R. Geronimo "MG Atan" (Knight of Defender)

001#0337 Reynaldo Estopa Jr. "MG Cancer" (Knight of Defender)

001#0338 Dandy S. Gabaya "MG Dandie" (Knight of Defender)

001#0339 Jenphol B. Sobisol "MG Mayor" (Knight of Defender)

001#0340 Michael P. Joven "MG Tisay" (Knight of Defender)

001#0341 Eduardo Manahan "RMG Boombo" (Knight of Defender)

001#0342 Noel M. Manligas "MG Mangyan" (Knigth of Defender)

001#0343 Armando E. Castillo "MG Jahy-Ar" (Knight of Defender)

001#0344 Edwin Binban "MG Dwin" (Knight of Defender)

001#0345 Rodel L. Marzon "MG Delwar" (Knight of Defender)

001#0346 Rudy N. Ipan "MG Kado" (Knight of Defender)

001#0347 Journey L. Daiz "MG Mardz" (Knight of Defender)

001#0348 Marlon S. Amocay "MG Mark" (Knight of Defender)

001#0349 Gerald Q. Calimpusan "MG Mark" (Knight of Defender)

001#0350 Benedict I. Afable "MG Mae" (Knight of Defender)

This list is from Number 0001 to 0350 only ---- next box pls.....stallion


RUGBII Defender Group Members - # 0351 on wards

001#0351 Jeffrey D. Dumaguit "MG Jepoy" (Knight of Defender)

001#0352 Charlie A. Sultan "MG Charlz" (Knight of Defender)

001#0353 Efren L. Prado "MG Ghamay" (Knight of Defender)

001#0354 Arnel P. Padilla "MG Nel" (Knight of Defender)

001#0355 Jose Rivera "FRMG Japhet" (Spear of Defender)

001#0356 Danilo Arevalo "FRMG Danny" (Spear of Defender)

001#0357 Wilmore Abaya "MG Wil" (Spear of Defender)

001#0358 Jayson Ojano Guico (Spear of Defender)

001#0359 Freddie Antonio "RMG Reed" (Spear of Defender)

001#0360 Romeo Ahorro "RMG Gemini" (Spear of Defender)

001#0361 Jun Flores "RMG JAF" (Spear of Defender)

001#0362 Quintin Gumiran "RMG JC" (Spear of Defender)

001#0363 Marvin Gumiran "MG Libran" (Spear of Defender)

001#0364 Aniceto Hidalgo Bombongan (Spear of Defender)

001#0365 Arnold Casuyac "MG Ar-ar" (Spear of Defender)

001#0366 Dindo D, Dejito "MG Dhin" (Spear of Defender)

001#0367 Salvador D. Recabo "MG Dodz" (Knight of Defender)

001#0368 Joel P. Mocorro "MG Teyoy Mox's" (Knight of Defender)

001#0369 Jayson C. Samizo "MG Jayson" (Knight of Defender)

Updated List of RUGBI Members : Amega Chapter, Qatar

002#0001 Joseph "FRMG Maliksi" Carusa (Resigned and moved to GSSI)

002#0002 Juan Briz "FRMG Habagat" Taduran, Chapter Founder

002#0003 Dominador "RMG Lam-Ang" Collado, Vice-President

002#0004 Celso "RMG Eagle" Layderos, President

002#0005 Cesar "RMG Liyon" Asiado" Treasurer

002#0006 Domingo "RMG Doms" Pagtalunan, Auditor

002#0007 Nhelson "MG Nhel1" Bartolome, Business Manager

002#0008 Julio "MG Panther" Navarro, Business Manager

002#0009 Teodoro "MG Tiger2" Villamor, Sgt-At-Arms

002#0010 Tomas "MG Storm" Perico, PRO

002#0011 Bobby "MG Archer" Deatras, PRO

002#0012 Joseph "MG Cobra" Botero, Screening Committee, M. Initiator

002#0013 Manuel "MG Dessertfox" Cayanga, Screening Committee, M.Initiator

002#0014 Jason "MG Falcon" Faculnit

002#0015 Marco "MG Gemini" Perez

002#0016 Orlando "MG Ofel" Sarmiento

002#0017 Rosvelt "MG Taurus" Miguel

002#0018 Arnel "MG Nhel2" Estabaya

002#0019 Alberto "MG 7-M" Malasabas

002#0020 Joseph "MG Emjay" de los Reyes

002#0021 Jonathan "MG Black Hawk" Perez

Xpress Money FFWW RUGBI Team Defeats GPII-AC

Xpress  Money FFWW RUGBI Team with FRMG Stallion

Xpress Money FFWW RUGBI Team with Emilyn Collantes of XP

XP FFWW RUGBI Trouncing GPII-AC at FILCOA Sportsfest 09

XP FFWW RUGBI Team with FRMG RML n RMG Eris May 22 2009

FRMG RML RMG Eris RMG Jacll MG Layzie MG Dhel Bro Randy GBI with team mates and Emilyn Collantes of XP

XP FFWW RUGBI in action

XP FFWW RUGBI Team in Huddle

Updated List of RUGBI Members : Stone Chapter Qatar (as of July 21, 2009)

003#0001 Rene "FRMG RML" Lloren, Chapter Founder

003#0002 Erisendo "RMG Eris" Dahunan, President

003#0003 Vicente "RMG Jun" Garbo, Vice-President (moved to Diamond Sapphire effect.30June2009)

003#0004 Lian "RMG Lion" Murcia, Secretary

003#0005 Danilo "RMG Dan" Ruelos, Treasurer

003#0006 Cipriano "MG Orics" Alsado, Auditor

003#0007 Riel "MG Arbags" Bagajo, PRO

003#0008 Ariel "MG AML" Lloren, Sgt-at-Arms

003#0009 Eric John "MG Mej" Abarre, Sgt-at-Arms

003#0010 Ronaldo "RMG Scorpion" Luartes, Adviser

003#0011 Tedoro "MG Tino" Ondoy, Adviser

003#0012 Dennis "MG Jaguar" Miras

003#0013 Welling "MG Gemini" Cuizon

003#0014 Ernie Boy "MG West" Penavenle

003#0015 Gilbert "MG Gemini2" Mirata

003#0016 Aly "MG Dragon2" Edelion

003#0017 Mario "MG Efoy" Gumban

003#0018 Nhiel "MG Nhiel" Ablero

003#0019 Efren "MG Pisces2" Penamora

003#0020 Paul "MG Noy' Logronio

003#0021 Amado "MG Mars" Salale

003#0022 Jeffrey "MG Efoy" Dulay

003#0023 Regie "MG Ghie" Velasco

003#0024 Josefino "RMG Thess" Lanistosa

003#0025 Bernardo "MG Intoy" Cornillo

003#0026 Rizalde "MG Zalmarz" Alob

003#0027 Mildredo "MG Jangle" Castillo

003#0028 Joel "MG Joel" Molina

003#0029 Arnold "RMG A.Z.P." Piodos

003#0030 Efreem "MG Jea" Coronacion

003#0031 Bellie "MG Venom" de la Cruz

003#0032 Amir "MG Elmer" Comilao

003#0033 Roberto "RMG Polo" Bautista

003#0034 Hermie "MG Hervy" Boltron

003#0035 Edward "MG Virgo" Ressel

003#0036 Ronie "MG Dweb" Alfaro

003#0037 Renato "MG A2Y" Paray

003#0038 Edwin "MG Dwang" Wagas

003#0039 Manuel "MG Snifer" Masarate

003#0040 Arnold "MG Tiger" Dayaon

003#0041 Alexander "MG Zander" Co

003#0042 Maurillo H. "MG Shapz" Villapando

003#0043 Jeffrey "MG Jeden" Amargo

003#0044 Rony "MG Rhony" Binas

003#0045 Jhongie " MG Niones" Niones

003#0046 Nelson "MG Taks" Takiang

003#0047 Arnel "MG Boboy" Edelion

003#0048 Napoleon "MG Hunter" Macalalad

003#0049 Policarpio "MG Pol" Pagtalunan

003#0050 Bernard "MG Bern" Madera

003#0051 Oliver "MG Ver" Gubay

003#0052 Edwin "MG Dwang" Wagas

003#0053 Serafin "MG Lhoy" Recreo

003#0054 Lee Felix "MG Lee" Pocson

003#0055 Larry "MG Gamay" Panangganan

003#0056 Alberto "MG Embet" Labay

003#0057 Jeffrey "RMG Ice" Barzanas

003#0058 Jeffrey "MG Epoy" Andrade

003#0059 Ruel "RMG Ruel" Adana, Vice-President


RUGBI Volunteers at Beach Cleaning, Sealine Doha June 5 2009 (Defender Chapter)

RUGBI Volunteers Beach Cleaning Sealine Doha June 5, 2009 (Amega Chapter with friends)

RUGBI Volunteers FRMG RML RMG Labuyo RMG Eris with Defender Chapter and Diamond Stone

RMG Jacll with Mg Aguila and volunteer Lennon Lagera at Beach Cleaning June 5 2009

RUGBI Security team advanced party June 4 2009 Sealine Beach Resort

RUGBI Chapters, Amega, Defender with volunteers Beach Cleaning Sealin Doha June 5, 2009

FRMG Maliksi & RMG Habagat bonded with RUGBI National HQ

Joseph "FRMG Maliksi" Carusa of RUGBI AMEGA Chapter had attended the National Meeting in Lemery, Batangas last May 2009 and still in constant contact with the National Leadership until his schedule departure this June 2009.

FRMG Maliksi had cleared all the issues thrown to the National Leadership by disgruntled members and had proven that RUGBI was not "disbanded" as all the officers are in tact except for two who had left to form another branch.

RMG Habagat also meet with FRMG Brix, Asst to the National Secretary and had observed marking rites in Caloocan.

This will prove all our critics that they are completely WRONG.

Members of Guardian Legion Qatar at Independence Day Celebration

Founder RML, Alamat, Stallion & RMG Eris at Embassy grounds, June 12 2009

Defender & Diamond Stone Volunteers at Tunog ng Kalayaan concert June 2009

Volunteers at the Concert of Pinoy Live Bands

Various Filipino Community Group Joing the Parade

FRMG Maliksi resigned as RUGBI Amega Chapter Founder, June 2009

Joseph "FRMG Maliksi" Carusa had resigned effective June 2009 as Founder Chapter of RUGBI Amega Chapter who opted to moved to the newly established Guardians branch of GSSI.  RUGBI Defender and Diamond Stone Founders had bade him Goodluck to his new Guardian house.

Upon the recommendation of FRMG Stallion of Defender and FRMG RML of Diamond Stone, approved by the Founders Committee of RUGBI National HQ in the Philippines, RMG Habagat was promoted to Founder Chairman of Amega Chapter effective immediately.

On the same approval from RUGBI National HQ, GAF Scorpio was promoted to FGAF Scorpio, RMG Labuyo to FRMG Labuyo, MG Scorpion to RMG Scorpion, MG Lion to RMG Lion.

We enjoined all concern RUGBI Defenders, Amega & Diamond Stone members to give utmost respect to the newly-promoted officers.


5th Guardians Legion Qatar Assembly Meeting, July 17, 2009 at PISQ with GRII as meeting host.

5th GLQ held at PISQ, July 17, 2009

Founder Froy of GRII discussing views during 5th GLQ

Congratulations to Newly Promoted Founders of Defender Group

Effective May 2010 Defender Group has new Founders, namely:

Romarico "RMG Lawin" Mercado - now FRMG Lawin as Founder of Spear of Defender Chapter

Cesar "RMG Ces" Satorre, Jr - now FRMG Ces as Founder of King of Defender Chapter

Danilo "RMG Dani" Evangelista - now FRMG Dani, Adviser to Founder Stallion, now in the Phils.

Newly Promoted Ranking Magic Group of Defender Chapter - 2010

Christopher "RMG Topher" Ordinario

Rommel "RMG Mel" Serrano

Edgardo "RMG Scorpion" Reyes

Arnel "RMG Nhels" Escoreal

Sandy "RMG Baula" Baula

Ernesto "RMG Choi" Villamor

Ruel "RMG Rakaj" Roldan

Joel "RMG Optimus" Dio

Roland "RMG Land" Caacbay

Noel "RMG Jayden" De Dios

Ronaldo "RMG Lagalag" Orenday

Rodel "RMG Rodcharlz" Margate

Carlo John "RMG Kidrock" Racuya

Giovanni "RMG Doods" Villaner

Junie "RMG Hamster" Alarte

Dennis "RMG Dhon-Dhon" Bascon

Rommel "RMG Melrimo" Rimorin

Edgardo "RMG Scorpion" Reyes

Congratulations and The Responsibility Given To You Must Be Shown to Fellow Members!